12 - Why CigéOut ?






Why CigéOut.com ? 

Cigeout.com is  the web site against  Cigeo (Official web site  for deep burial of high radioactive nuclear wastes acceptance)
This web site  gives himself the following purpose :

1 - Listing the people who are opposed to the project of deep storage of nuclear wastes proposed by the national agency  : ANDRA

2 - To gather people who are against this crime

3 - To promote petition

4 - To permit exchanges between groups of Scientifics, geologists, philosophers, artists, activists.. with Google groups exchanges, in order to think together how to prevent the building of this dump.

5 - To help participation to the public debate

6 - To help the people to send  questions, opinions, advices on the project.

7 -  Help the production of « actor’s book » sent to the official debate. This “actor’s book» is a 4 pages essay,  part of the public debate.

Our advices : the document has to be referenced .  If you ask questions, ANDRA will have to answer you in a month. Don’t forget that the national commission of the public debate (CPDP) will  make  a 80 pages synthesis of all the contributions !
You can add schemes, photos…
Your essay is limited to 11 000 signs (letters and space)

It’s has to be in accordance with some orders :  Jurists overview the essay: No defamatory words will be accepted. For example, publications that accused the project to be a crime against humanity have been rejected.

8 - Make a list of all the subjects that can be approached in an “actor’s book”.

9 & 10 - To organize  groups to find the best way to write theses actor’s book..

11 - To analyze and communicate on what happening on the official web site.

12 - To expose lies and manipulations occurring.

13 - To help anybody to understand how much the  decisional process is  faked .

This web site is evolving, reversible. It’s has no budget  like the official web sites, but it’s has ambition.

Cigeout web site is organized  by 30 persons working  for free,  to welcome   you. It’s accessible in English, Japanese and German.