11 - Why no burying ?





Why no  burying ? 

1 - Because, as common people we have many questions not answered, that we want to propose in the actor’s book.

2 - Because they (ANDRA) don’t know exactly what, and how much, they want to bury in Bure. An open hole …

3 - Why in Bure ? Not only for geological reasons, but also because the smallest reactions from the local, low population rate area.

4 - Because just building a deep nuclear wastes storage is not without danger.

5 - The known risks of 100 000 trains  during one century  bringing nuclear wastes.

6 - During the exploitation time there is risk  of contamination of water and air,  with the surface storage.

7 - At 500 meters underground, there are risks of fire, explosion.

8 - We are fighting against CIGéo also because the democracy was scoffed. The persons in charge were not absolutely interested in the opinion of the population, in particular of a petition signed by 40 000 citizens !

9 - The huge cost of the project is : 1 million Euros by day during 100 years, or 35 billion in total….

10 -  For the social acceptability, a great amount of subventions, promises of employment up to 60 million by year for small areas

11 - At the same time this endangers the real economy, agriculture, champagne wine, spring water, tourism…

12 - The official communication of the official is partial and uncompleted.
13 - Because the all affair is not very ethical . Where is the Human responsibility, who is really caring for the future generations ?

14 - The decision process seems like a complot, in a democracy like France !

15 - Cigeo process is actually in the hands of people that can’t be independent, cumulating political power and accountancies with nuclear industry.

Everybody will understand that the emergency for nuclear industry is to obtain a quick agreement for deep storage, and then, keep going on with this nuclear for electric power production. And then, (they dream) to be an example  for the whole word, and in business at the same time, selling their technology.
We have to prevent this process, engaging the eternity.