21 - Why and how fill in the registration form


Filling up this form
you declare to be opposed to CIGEO project

1 - First step
Write your surname, first name, country, postal number and e-mail address.
The square « I’m opposed to deep storage nuclear wastes “ is already in. Your personal name and address will never be communicated to anybody.
You can, only if you wish it, say in 500 signs why you are opposed to deep storage nuclear wastes in Bure (CIGEO)
You can stop then filling up the form, in that case it’s like if you signed a petition.

2 - Second step.
You can tell us if you are agree to participate to actions, communication, exchanges and meetings.
Very important ! Let us know if you are a person of science, an artist, an activist.  We would like to know how many scientific people are opposed to deep burial.
We think  many of them don’t think like the national agency for nuclear wastes : better to trust geology( or more exactly a few geologists )than Human being.
We want people to be able to exchange by affinity groups, to work together, and find ways to prevent this project.
Obviously,  you have to create a password to prevent all types of cheating.

3 - Third step
Tell us if you want to participate to the public debate. We’ll contact you help you. It’s very important to show quality “actor’s book” to counter the many actor books calling for deep disposal.

4 - Fourth step

At any time you  can give financial support. All webmasters are not volunteers !
CAPTCHA is not always easy reading. You can change it.

OK ?

We beleive in Cigeout !

We received mails from people of science telling us « Don’t let your State  go for this madness ! I’m going to try to help you, but anonymously”
You, citizens, with scientific career, if you need it, we’ll keep you anonymous.
Thank you to join us to fight deep burial of nuclear wastes

Thank you to share  cigeout.com with your friends.