3 - To be an actor in the public debate



1 - To be part of the public debate of CIGEO

It’s a duty to all citizens and especially for activists

2a - To participate to the public meetings
- They ‘ve been disturbed,( by people against deep disposal and also against the debate that they qualified as useless ) then reported and cancelled.  Public meetings  being cancelled.
- The debate occurs now via internet with specialists for or against deep burial of nuclear wastes. The first debate happened on the 11th of July.
- Exchanges via a forum.If you write something  in «Participez au forum citoyen » in this forum, you can exchange directly with others on internet.

2b - The debate on internet.

The first one was the 11th of July. A reporter, the public debate commission’s president, officials, and people of sciences, agree or opposed to the project, exchange and answer questions arriving via internet. You can ask your questions before or during the debate.

3 - Tell what you think about the project.

On the web site of the public debate,  you can let everybody know what is your opinion, clicking on « Donnez votre avis »,

4 - Ask a question.
On the web site of the public debate, click on Posez une question ? The National Agency for Nuclear wastes- ANDRA- has to answer you within a month.

5 - Citizens ‘forum

6a - Writing an « actor’s book »
Please contact :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.